Monday, 24 February 2014

11 tips to get your Adsense account approved

There are many thousands of blogspot accounts being opened every day and Google has been receiving many applications for AdSense approval. So, it's really hard to assume and expect that our AdSense request for our blog gets approved; even Google adheres to their policy strictly. However there are some tips that I implemented in my own blog (created six months ago) due to which my AdSense application got accepted even though my blog has less traffic with only 58 posts ! I felt like sharing this with you, so that it might help you.

Submitting blog to search engines

Surprisingly, it's not important to check whether your blog is receiving huge traffic or not, but its very important to ensure that whatever posts you had written and whatever pages you had submitted were INDEXED by the crawlers of search engines. Yes, you need to ensure that your blog was properly submitted and indexed by the crawlers (Including each and every post !). Note that application for blogs (not all !) having a very less traffic (20 to 40 page views a day) were also getting approved. The reason is simple "Google found that blog". 

Our blog can get traffic even without proper indexing ! but that doesn't mean that our blog is receiving traffic from search engines. Proper submission to Search engines is an important tool and in fact a proper method to get page ranks. My blog received a page traffic of 2800 views per day by sharing posts in Facebook and other social networks, I agree that the traffic was very less compared to other successful blogs, but surprisingly, my application got accepted when my blog received 150-200 page views per day and not when it jumped to 2000-3000! weird but it's true. Reason is simple, I tricked to get more page views using social networks but gave less importance to get traffic by search engines initially.

Three month back, I applied for AdSense account thrice, but unfortunately got rejected. Then I applied the simple trick and hurray account got accepted!.

Tricks that I implemented

  1. Linked my webmaster account to Google Analytics account (Learn how to link Analytics here)
  2. Resubmitted my blog sitemap in webmaster before applying for ad sense.
  3. Submitted all my individual posts to webmaster "Fetch as Google" tool (Learn how to submit to fetch as Google), submitted my blog homepage to Google crawl
  4. Maintained more backlinks for good PageRanks (Learn Backlinks | How it boost PageRanks | Best comment practices)
  5. Additionally submitted my blog URL to other search engines through pinglers (Learn how to submit here)
  6. Maintained clean blog layout and sufficient space for the  ads to occupy.
  7. Checked blog and individual meta-tags and search descriptions
  8. Created and included RSS feeder
  9. No broken links
  10. Kept writing/posting
  11. Rechecked my blog for content and any other errors

I stopped writing posts three months back and checked whether by doing so will affect my application approval and yes my thinking was right. The application got rejected and I received the following message "Your blog has little content. Please do necessary corrections then apply". Because of time factor and being engaged with my own personal works, I kept the blog dumb (without writing any posts) for three months and after getting back to blogging, I immediately applied for AdSense. Again I got rejected. OK, this time I thought and wrote a post, just a quick post with few words about a topic in it and then applied again. Usually Google reviews any site in not less than three days and so I started writing posts (one per day) and wow in just two days ads started appearing in my blog! of course I did simultaneously the remaining tricks too. 

Then I came to the conclusion that keeping one's blog alive at least during the period of Google review is an important factor to be taken care. If you are a regular blogger/writer, then it's very good but care for the topic/content you write.

I have little experience with blogging, but anyway I understood that keyword repetition (including keywords in excess of required) in any posts is not much important to get indexed properly, even that type of keyword inclusion is an old SEO strategy. Google now aims at content with optimal keyword. So don't think that flooding your posts with keywords improve your blogs traffic.

Content still rules the web world and is considered as the king. Obviously; it is the key factor in deciding your blogs success. A single post with very good detailed content or message is far better than 10 posts - randomly written with no target in it. And the mythology "copying is not accepted - unique content" is still expected by the search engines. So, better concern more on your content. Those bloggers who aim for making money with little concern for content won't succeed (for almost all niche). 

Sufficient blank spaces or gaps in your blog. If you included many affiliate programs in your blog and your blog was left with very little or no space for further ad inclusion, then it will be of negative nature. Crawlers couldn't find sufficient location for placing of ad. 

I think Google set two verification process for the following reason, the first initial process scans your content and site neatness, the next step is to check whether the placed Ad location is good enough to get noted by users. That is only possible if there is sufficient blank gaps. So, in the initial stage leave some blank space as a matter of extra precaution. This is what I felt and did in my blog by removing all affiliate program's which were occupying my blog earlier.

Clean blog layout mean readability, the ease with which the users can browse your site. A very good design and easy navigation is an important factor for getting approved. An hour before submitting my ad sense account, I re-submitted my blog's sitemap to Google Webmaster, just to ensure that robots should be crawling my site while Google ad sense team reviews the site.  

Having broken links in any of your blog pages or posts is a drawback. Google robots will consider that as an error. Make sure that all the links (in every post) were working properly. Also ensure that links for the posts that have been reverted to draft was removed from your blog homepage/sitemap or any other location from your blog.

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